need to love.

I want to live in a field of daisies where it's neither too sunny or too cloudy for the rest of my life.
I want to go to Paris, again and again, travel across Europe and sleep on the streets, wake up with the smell of a new day.
I want to read every book there is to read and love them and keep them, with me, forever.
I want to listen to this music all the time and not get tired of it.
I want to dream, pretty dreams of clouds and stars and random crap that I find nice.
I want to dance. A lot. Dance and dance and dance until no one stands to watch me dance anymore.
I want to spin around and around and around and have a dress that spins as well as I do.
I want a lot, a lot of things, a lot of things that can't be done.
I want to fly.
I want to stop wanting.
I want and I don't.

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