Tears run down in my face. You finally appeared. I’ve been waiting for you; I’ve been waiting for you all along, since you’ve been gone, since you left me. My stupid red bow is still there, on my hair, in my ridiculously enlighten hair. My black t-shirt is the same, the same you once gave me on my birthday. I’ve been here all along, did you know? Waiting, wishing, hoping. I waited so long that I even thought I was dead, and maybe I am. The coldness of the winter or the heat of the summer has been nothing compared to the pain of not having you around, of thinking you were dead. You don’t even imagine, you will never imagine, because you are… you.
But now I’m done waiting, I’m done wishing, or hoping, or anything else that involves you. I’m done, and I’m leaving right now. I’ve only stick in this awful place just so you could see that I’m not like you, I keep my word. You didn’t… You said you would be here by eight on Tuesday and I waited five long years until you managed to appear.

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