do you love me?

The girl, with her hair dancing in the wind, so little, so innocently pretty, but still, so smart and thoughtful. You could clearly see she was no ordinary 3 year old, though she liked to pretend every now and then, she was as shallow and restless as the next clever, little girl. We, me and Nessie walked for a while, quietly, in the wide, clear field, painted with green and sprinkled with red poppies. Suddenly, she threw herself into this sea of green, careless, not minding the brand new white dress that intensely contrasted with her light hair.
"-Nessie! What are you doing? Your mom's going to kill me for that - as if she hadn't enough reason to kill me already.
-But... But Jake I want to roll on the grass, like as if I was a beautiful, innocent princess."
I sat on the grass next to her, holding her face into my hands. She had such a soft skin, though I was not sure if in a good way.
"-You are a beautiful, innocent princess. And why would rolling on the grass make you feel like that?
"-I'm not innocent. And doesn't rolling make you feel free? I feel free.
-Renesmee Carlie, you are free. How many tim..."
She jumped on top of me. She had an annoying habit of not letting me finish sentences. Guess she took on the father's side on that one.
"-If I am a princess, will you be my prince Jacob?" Her big eyes stared at me intently, perhaps searching my reaction. Nessie was always more observant than she let out.
"-Of course I would. I would never want it any other way." She smiled happily.
"-Do you love me, Jake? Will you love me... Forever?" I held my breath. There were so many reasons to lie...
"-Yes, Nessie. I love you and will never stop doing so. Forever." She seemed oddly pleased with the answer. She put her little fragile arms around me, and let her, apparently held breath, out.
"-I love you too, Jacob." There was a much too quiet silence around us.
"-Forever." She added seriously.
Forever. And suddenly it all felt perfectly matched.

Espero que tenham gostado. ^^

Edit: tive que voltar a editar isto porque não sei se repararam eu enviei isto do telemóvel, e a vodafone amávelmente incluiu o meu número de telemóvel.

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